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Manuscripts for Mac: past, present and future

November 25, 2015

Manuscripts 1.0 was the result of three years of research & development from two motivated and caffeinated geeks. We built a writing tool with a feature set never before combined into a single easy-to-use app. Yet the 1.0 really is just the beginning: we intend to change how complex documents are written up, especially research work.

What’s been cooking since 1.0?

Manuscripts 1.0 was just the beginning. That’s what they all say, right? We really mean it though: we have been updating the app on an almost daily basis since launch. You may be surprised that by Manuscripts 1.0.22, you now can…

  • Add inline math expressions.
  • Cite specific page ranges.
  • Cite with a prefix or suffix.
  • Hide the caption of equations, figures or tables.
  • Hide the header or footer of a table.
  • Export a BibTeX / BibLaTeX file as part of exporting to LaTeX.
  • Enjoy the results of dozens of bug fixes and overall improved stability.

Next up:

  • Footnotes.
  • More and more refined imports and exports.
  • Change tracking and collaboration.
  • … and of course, lots more based on what you request from us.

You can update to the most recent version by going to Manuscripts > Check for Updates, or by downloading the most recent version from here (replace the version you have put in /Applications with the one you downloaded).

Please enjoy, and please tell your friends!

Thank you. Matias Piipari, Co-creator of

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